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Jewellery Design Centre

Beautiful Jewellery Designed the way you want it.

DESIGNED - Jewellery designed using the latest in state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD). With this technology, we are able to work with you to create exactly what you have in mind. Whether it's a completely new design or a family heirloom that is being lovingly remodelled to once again be worn and admired.

MADE - Jewellery crafted to your specifications using the latest in state-of-the-art machinery. Our team of craftsmen will either add all the finishing touches to a precision casting or work from our 3D CAD image to make your jewellery entirely by hand

REPLICATED - If you have seen an item of jewellery that you would love to own or you have a cherished item that you would like to have copied so you can wear it every day, We have all the skills necessary to produce replica using either precious or semi-precious materials.

VALUED - Using our high tech photographic equipment, images are produced showing your jewellery from many angles. We recommend having your jewellery "professionally valued" at WRJDC because your jewellery will have dramatically increased in value over the last few years. Incorporating detailed images in our valuations, there is far less chance of having to settle for second best. We keep all the details on our CAD file so as any lost items can be replaced.

REPAIRED - With the skills we have to hand and today's modern equipment we also carry out repairs and renovation work.

So, for example, if you have lost a Diamond out of your ring, damaged a piece of jewellery or your Insurance Company has recommended having a repair carried out - we will do the work for you to a very high standard.


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Jewellery Design Centre

106 Leigh on sea


Essex SS9 1BU

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Monday                  Closed

Tuesday          9:30-17:30

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Thursday           9:30-17:30

Friday            9:30-17:30

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